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John Akers, Cliff Barrows, Ralph Bell, Richard Bewes, Barbara Bush, George Bush, George W. Bush, Winston Churchill, Robert Cunville, David Frost, Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Melvin Graham, Ruth Graham, Mordecai Ham
Michael Merriman
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The life and times of the evangelist Billy Graham are the subject of this documentary. Graham was a North Carolina farm boy with average scholastic aptitude and more interest in baseball than the Bible. Ruth Bell was the Chinese-born daughter of American medical missionaries; she met Graham, her future husband, at Wheaton College in Illinois. The two of them made a great team, even though Graham's life as an international evangelist kept them apart more often than they were together. Graham's career took him to England, Poland, Hungary, China, North and South Korea, South Africa, Russia and all over the globe. His friendships included several U.S. Presidents and Martin Luther King Jr. Graham earned the respect of the famous and the humble alike through wise business practices and a strict moral code, while avoiding the Elmer Gantry-like tactics so common in evangelism. His focus on preaching the word of God stood him in good stead when facing such challenges as Southern racism and ...
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