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Deron McBee, Armando Silvestre, James Dalesandro, Melissa Moore, Sydne Squire, Deborah Dare, Quentin Gutierrez, Michael Easton, Raymond Martino, Victor LaRoux, Charles K. Sullivan, Wally K. Berns, Agustín Bernal, Gerald Thomas, Jamie Baker
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Years ago, Sam Bodine barely survived his first encounter with Mexican drug kingpin Carmen Vasquez, and when Sam's nephew Garrett Bodine went after Carmen for it, Garrett was sent to prison for assault. Now,Sam runs a hangout with his fiancée Jenny, and Garrett is longing for the day when he is released so he can once again see his fiancée Tracy-and he may get that chance. Carmen's brother Pablo Vasquez is murdered in his cell at the Arizona prison that Garrett is in, and Carmen arrives in Los Angeles, where Sam lives, to make everyone responsible for sending Pablo to prison pay, and Sam's former partner, DEA agent Jack Slade, gets Garrett an early release so Garrett and Sam can go after Carmen.
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