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Zalman King, Charles Koutris, Dita Von Teese, Ryan Williams, Casey Anderson, Roxanne Arvizu, Shane Walsh, Christopher Cronin, Benjamin Ciaramello, Sandy Gardiner, Stephanie Swift
Ezra Gould
IMDB Rating
SAINT FRANCIS Kill What You Love Francis Bernard is a liar, junky and a thief. His drug use and lack of sleep is causing him to have trouble telling the difference between reality and his imagination. Francis sees visions from two separate worlds. He sees the past in color; it is filled with horrible images pulled from the tormented corners of his life. The present is bleak, a black and white nightmare in which Francis is a trapped medical patient suffering at the hands of a mysterious surgical team. Saint Francis is a twisted family drama and the story of the decline of the Bernard family starts with the death of Francis' mother. It is 27 years ago, Francis is six years old and he watches in horror as his mother commits suicide. The images and sounds of his mother's death terrorize Francis, threatening to drive him to the same tragic destiny. As Francis' operation continues, his dreams reveal more clues as to Francis' current condition. The dreams continue and Francis watches his ...
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