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John Alvino

Founder & Managing Member

After graduating from Columbia University with a major in Mathematics, John has progressed in the retail, finance, and management consulting industries. 

Versatile in applying strong problem solving abilities to tasks demanding precision, John has earned distinction among his peers for consistently utilizing his technical and interpersonal skills to enhance operating efficiencies and increase productivity.

John's other areas of expertise include strategic planning, resource optimization, cost containment/management, operations restructuring, quantitative analysis, financial analysis and modeling, client relations, and project management. 




Adrian Mussanna

Operations Manager 

Adrian has gained experience across multiple industries throughout his professional career, including healthcare, web development, and mobile application. His primary areas of focus include online consumer growth, e-commerce, and business application processes.

With degrees in psychology and business administration and management, Adrian serves as an operations specialist for Actinic. Working closely with the firm's portfolio, Adrian excels in to helping our entrepreneurs gain traction and analyze scalability solutions. He also leads technical due diligence for our prospective investments.